One of my favorite strokes exists in DF1

One of my most utilized and favorite ashiatsu strokes in called the perpendicular glide stoke. The stroke is taught in our DF1 class, which is a our barefoot massage basics class. This stoke always has 1 foot on the table while the other foot’s arch cups the spice as the stoke glides up or down the length of the spice. I love this stroke not only for it’s therapeutic benefit but also because it’s a great transition stroke as well as a “feel good” stroke for clients.

The stroke lengthens the spine out significantly, making space between the vertebrae. This is so nice for back care and spinal health. Also the stroke connects with the paraspinal muscles, and that feels good to the receiver on the table . I often do this stoke to transport my own body up and down the length of the torso so that I can transition from working on different muscles groups that range from the hips / legs up to the shoulders.

Also, as you can see by the picture, it’s a very photogenic sort of stroke :). Enjoy

perp.glide 2.jpg