New Ashiatsu Teaching Studio

It’s been almost a 3 year journey of developing a fitting ashiatsu barefoot massage training studio for Asheville, NC. The vision started with the idea of 25 foot diameter yurt as a teaching space. This yurt was custom built on my property and had moments of glory; however, it was not meant to last as the city of Asheville makes it very difficult if not impossible to have a yurt in city limits. The yurt was removed after a year long process of building and after hosting only 2 ashiatsu classes in it. Not to be deterred, my wife and I set about designing our dream studio for teaching ashiatsu and aerial acrobatics. With the help of a design team and contractor, we put the plan into motion and broke ground in March of 2018. It’s now February of 2019 as I write this, and I just hosted the first ashiatsu class in the new studio. Construction is not all the way finished, but it was ready enough to host this class.

And the survey says: AMAZING!!! This is going to be such an incredible space to teach out of. It has room for 5 sets of fixed bars, which means we can comfortably host at least 10 students in a workshop. I love having 5 fixed bar sets as well. It beautiful to see therapists all lined in row of spectacularly shaped barefoot glides. In addition the high ceilings and beautiful hardwood floors provide us with a spacious environment to stretch out it. I am incredibly excited to expand the list o ashiatsu continuing education offerings and perhaps soon include some aerial offerings as well.

I was so happy sharing this space with students of the DeepFeet 1 course this past week. It was a cold and blustery January week, but the space was so quiet and warm thanks to the extra thick walls and insulation of the design. I was really happy that the students were able to take advantage of the variety of restaurants that within a couple minutes of my property. One afternoon everyone walked down to the Iconic Asheville Pizza and Brewing Co which is a stone’s throw away from the studio as the snow was coming down outside. I had one student rent out one of the apartments on my property as well. I should note that I am fortunate enough to live on a property that I have been able to build into a micro-village, with tiny homes and extra dwelling spaces. I love that I can accommodate students for workshops and look forward to developing more of a retreat atmosphere for workshops. Check out the accommodations on site page on the Carolina DeepFeet website for more information on places to stay on site.