Accommodations on site

There are several places for you to stay on site while taking your workshop in Asheville. Your options range from a private apartment with it’s own driveway that can hold two vehicles, or private room and bath with a personal driveway and entry, or a shared bunk space in a loft above the studio with bathroom and shower access in the studio. Please explore the options below to see what may work best for you.


Living room of the private apartment

Living room of the private apartment

Private Apartment

A ground level apartment with a private drive (holds two vehicles), private entry, living room, kitchen, full bath and 1 bedroom with a queen size bed. Kitchen comes fully supplied with a coffee / tea bar ready to go for you .


Private bedroom and bath

Located directly under the teaching space, this private bedroom and full bath are very convenient. Also, you will have a parking spot in the driveway of the studio.


Bunk space in loft

The loft space is located in the studio space. Beautiful natural light with plenty of windows and views of Asheville..